In a world full of swipes and empty calories of connection we need something more than trial and error or faking it until you get it right. Let me show you how to move from problem to solution, from functional to exceptional relationships.


Hey there! Welcome to my space. My name is Kingsley Moyo. I am a Relationship Mentor, Marriage Educator, Speaker & Author. If anything I like to spark hope for people in search of meaningful relationships, growth, and the next step in life that can be the beginning of something awesome!


For over 10 years I've been working with individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. And one thing I've come to realize is that healthy relationships don’t happen by chance.


So I'm on that quest to empower and teach people on issues that affect relationships, helping individuals, couples, and families thrive one at a time. 

That's my story! What's yours ....?

Let's make it official, leave a message, listen to my podcast, or get a copy of my book.


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